1772 - 14 Oct 1837

Father: John ADAMSON


JOHN ADAMSON Land entry: NW1/4-Sec 15 12-9-1820 -520 --Letter to John Adamson son of John Edward 10311 Carefree Drive Santee, California 92071 December 12, 1972 Dear Mr. Adamson: Thank you so much for the use of your material. I don't know if you have the material I am Enclosing but in any event you may keep these copies. As you will note in the data I have enclosed the Adamsons by the time they reached Indiana were no longer Quakers even though in generations passed they ay followed this religion. This is confirmed by entries in Heiss and Hinshaw's books on the Quakers where they note that the Ballenger daughters who married Adamsons were charged with misconduct for marrying outside the church. They later repented and were permitted to return. The Roberds were also barred from the Quaker Church in Ohio but they never applied for readmission after the ch took this action. I know that the original John Adamson who was the father of these sons must have had some daughters but so far I have been unable to locate them as he died r to the 1850 census when the census data was more complete on each family. Then also some of them may have remained in Ohio before he migrated to Indiana. I believe you are descended from John and Sarah Adamson and if this is correct do you have the article on the Roberds family in Ohio? If not I would be happy to send you a copy for your files. A lady that has been doing some work for me in Indiana says that Moses and Joseph are also sons of John Adamson who is buried in Walnut Creek Cemetery. Before I can be sure of this I must locate more information to document this. Thank you again for the enclosures and we wish to extend our best wishes for a very happy holiday season. Sincerely yours, Mrs. Eugene B. Adamson. January 29, 1798; died May 24, 1865 and is buried in Walnut Creek Cemetery. He married Sarah Roberds in Clinton County, Ohio November 28, 1816. She was the daughter of Joseph and s. She was born in South Carolina on March 20, 1797 and died June 14, 1855 and is buried in Walnut Creek Cemetery. 2. Jesse Adamson was born in Kentucky in 1800. He married Mary Ballenger of Randolph County, Indiana February 26, 1824 who was born in Ohio in 1806. 3. James Adamson born in Kentucky September 7, 1799; died March 23, 1853 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Warsaw, Indiana. He married (1)Lydia Roberds daughter of Joseph and Anna(Randall)Roberds in Clinton County, Ohio August 21, 1817, (2) Nancy Roberds in Grant County, Indiana October 5, 1843 4. David Adamson married Dinah Ballenger in Randolph County, November 3, 1832. Children: (1) John born in Indiana in 1825, and married Phoebe ________ and as of he 1850 census they had two children; Elizabeth and Jerimiah. (2) Moses born in Indiana in 1829 married Mary Ann Johnson June 10, 1852 in Grant County, Indiana. They had six children according to the 1880 census; John, Berry, Margaret, Richard, Alice and Martin (3) Samuel born July 14, 1828 was the first white child born in Monroe Township and died March 11, 1884. He married Orpha Williams in Grant County February 4, 1855 who was born September 14, 1831 and died November 17, 1889. ** James Adamson had two sons by the first marriage; John and Thomas. The second marriage produced two daughters, Nancy and Elizabeth. He died in Wayne p, Koskiusko County, Indiana. June 29, 1972 Dear Mrs. Adamson, Our records in Grant County start at 1859 so we were unable to locate anything prior to that time. Mill township is the only township in which we were able o find an Adamson. John Adamson owned the northwest quarter of section 34 in Mill until 8-21-1865 when it passed into the hands of several others. Eighty acres (the west half f the northwest quarter) went to John A. Meek. Forty acres (the southeast r of the northwest quarter)went to Samuel S. Horne. Thirty eight and one-half acres of the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter went to David r and one and one-half had previously been deeded to a grave yard, no date given on our records. The latter is now known as Walnut Creek Cemetery. Most of the one hundred sixty acres, if not all, is now in the corporate limits of Gas City and all except about four acres is platted into various s. The area is bound on the south by State Road 22, on the west by North Firstt Street, on the north by North H Street and Cemetery Road and on the east by a portion of Green Manor Subdivision which extends into the next section. There is no Union Township in Grant County, if there was at one time it has been absorbed by other townships. Sorry we were not able to help you further. Deputy Auditor Grant Co. John Adamson Mar 13 1832 Section 34 160ac --Tractbook Grant Co Land Gc977.201 G76ade --- Record Book B page 186 in the Grant County Recorder's office says "From John Adamson to the trustees of C. Church this indenture is made and concluded this fourteenth day of February, in the year of Our Lord eighteen hundred and thirty eight - by and between John Adamson and the society stiled (styled) by the name of Christian Church in said county on Walnut Creek and lying in said county" - then follows a description of the land - "for the express purpose for burying ground and meeting house. Sarah Adamson wife of John Adamson doth hereby relinquish her right of dower to the above described tract of land." Witness: William Roberds George W. Heltin On Page 187 of Record Book S John Troxel and his wife Anna deed "a parcel of ground" to this same church for the sum of twenty - five cents. John Adamson received the sum of one dollar for his land. This is what the DAR wrote in the 1940's. This cemetery was sometimes referred to in the history books as the Lower Walnut Creek Graveyard. They are one and the same.


Wife: Sarah ROBERDS

Children: (not shown if possibly living)

  1.  +David ADAMSON
  2.  +Joseph ADAMSON

                      |  |
                      |  |   __
                      |  |  |  
                      |  |__|__
 _John ADAMSON _______|
|                     |
|                     |      __
|                     |     |  
|                     |   __|__
|                     |  |     
|                     |__|
|                        |
|                        |   __
|                        |  |  
|                        |__|__
|--John ADAMSON 
|  (1772 - 1837)
|                            __
|                           |  
|                         __|__
|                        |     
|                      __|
|                     |  |
|                     |  |   __
|                     |  |  |  
|                     |  |__|__
|                     |        
                      |      __
                      |     |  
                      |   __|__
                      |  |     
                         |   __
                         |  |  


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